Taking A Special Fashion Website To 6x Monthly Traffic After 4 Months With A Small Budget

When the founder of this brand reached out, they complained of site not growing in traffic and they have relied so much on social media and PPC ads for traffic. Meanwhile, their competitors seemed to be killing it on the Google SERP.

The first thing was to conduct a quick audit.

Issues On The Fashion Site

  1. Poor URL structure.
  2. Site speed was struggling.
  3. Most posts are uncategorized.
  4. Overoptimized title.
  5. Targeting dead keywords.
  6. Less content that competitors.
  7. Little to no powerful backlinks to push site.

Just so you get an idea, below is what the GSC of the site looked like.

poor traffic before work
Poor GSC Performance

As you can clearly see the daily clicks ranges from below 20 clicks a day to a little over 40, that’s about an average of 20+. It struggled like this for more than a year.

SEO Action Plan

We started by first fixing the on-site technical issues. Fixing on-site technical issues are the most important thing to do first during an SEO campaign, because if they are not fixed, you would never rank. There’s no two ways about it. We started with on-site technical issues.

Fixes for on-site technical issues

With on-site technical issues we…

  1. Fixed the site speed.
  2. Fixed URL structure.
  3. Properly redirect the old URL of fixed posts.
  4. Properly categorized pages.
  5. Properly redirect every pre-existing 404 pages.


The next step was post/content issues and we did this quickly to ensure there are rank-able content on the website. A technically sound website that has no rank-able content would not make any progress on Google. Investing in everything else without investing in content is basically investments in vain.

Fixes for content issues

The fixes for the most part involved our affordable SEO content creation service which you can order alongside our backlink service as one pack or independently.

With content-based issues we…

  1. Conducted competitor analysis.
  2. Content gap analysis.
  3. Keyword research.
  4. Content improvement for already published posts.
  5. Deleted old posts targeting dead keywords(and redirect URL).
  6. Fixed overoptimized post titles.
  7. Produced content for newly researched keywords.
  8. Did proper alt-text optimization for images.
  9. and a few other things we noticed on the way.

After doing the above the site was now ready to take Google search engine result page (SERP) by storm! But one key aspect has not yet been taken care of. Backlinks! But we’re not too fast, we first started monitoring the performance of the site before sending the links to push it higher and further.

So we have some preliminary results that would let us know we are on the right path to the top of Google. Below is a preliminary result.

preliminary results
Preliminary result after on-site technical and content issues fixes.

Clearly clicks have increased, impressions have equally increased. It’s a good sign and all we need to do at this point is give the website the extra juice it needs to fly through the SERP.

Finally, the killshot move! Powering the site with the needed juice to help it zip through Google’s SERP with almost no resistance.

Boosting The Site With Powerful Niche Relevant Links

Now, what we need as stated earlier are some powerful links. But one thing you need to know about links is that DA/DR and other third-party metrics are mostly unreliable and should never form the basis of your backlinks campaign, if it does, you would end up spending on links that would never rank. This is for a simple reason, most of these metrics can be and are manipulated. I say this every time I have the opportunity, because it is true and I’ve seen it ruin people’s SEO campaigns countless times. So, what kind of links should you go for? Ideally, that should be the question on your mind.

Go for the following types of links…

  1. Links from sites with thousands of search traffic.
  2. Links from sites with even more(several thousands) organic keywords.
  3. Links from sites that are related to your site and industry. It should be the same niche or very close niche.
  4. Links from sites with high quality relevant backlinks.

The reason for the above requirements especially the first 2 is simple. If Google is ranking the sites and giving them lots of organic traffic, Google must really trust them.  You want links from sites that Google trusts. That trust would be extended to your site. Just as you take recommendations from your trusted friends seriously, that’s how Google treats links from such sites.

I know the industry is populated with links from sites that only have high DA/DR but little to no organic traffic, as a result the links I recommend are difficult to get. But you should know good things don’t come easily.

Have no worry because our backlinks service offers exactly that even with a 100% money back guarantee.

You can check out our backlinks service here or access it through out Full stack SEO serviceWith full stack SEO service, you get more than backlinks, you get content creation as well as other important SEO fixes. But with out premium outreach backlinks service, you simply get powerful links from sites with serious traffic. You get links that work. Simple!


Back to our fashion site case study…

After everything that pertains to existing technical and content issues were fixed. We proceeded to getting just 10 links from our service. These links were spread between two months, 5 links for each month, while we are not yet done, the results can speak for themselves. Below.

After premium niche relevant links
After the links

From an average of 26 daily clicks to a current average of 160+ that is a whooping 6x traffic growth in just 4 months. You should know you too can do the same. You can achieve the same results with even with your small budget. Your budget doesn’t have to be enough to buy The Whitehouse.


Final step of this case study is to show you the complete GSC and the different growth stages experienced according to the fixes we applied.

The complete steps taken to skyrocket traffic

To know how you too can supercharge your SEO and multiply your website traffic, checkout any of our places or send in an email to henry@upnorthseo.com.



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