Up North SEO is an agency with a modern approach to SEO and website growth. We have been in the business of ranking websites on major search engines such as Google for the past 4 years and counting.

Over this period of time, we’ve been able to acquire the best practices that guarantee growth on the search engine result page. We’ve taken this to a whole new level by building a system that caters for the SEO needs of all kinds of websites and online businesses.

All of these experiences, systems, tools and experts have been collated together and given one name; Up North SEO.

We, the SEO experts alongside our experience, systems and tools are collectively called Up North SEO because our primary aim is to take your website to the north(top of search engines.

Our team of experts comprises of the following experts in the field:

  • SEO content creators,
  • Content analysts,
  • Keyword research experts,
  • Keyword optimized content creators,
  • Optimization experts,
  • Experienced backlink builders and analysts,
  • Competitor analysts,
  • And finally, niche research experts.

With a team of professional experts like this working together on your website, the sky is just the starting point for your website and business.

Our vision is simple and straight to the point. This is simply because, each time any of member of our team does a quick Google search, it becomes unbelievably surprising the number of websites that are not properly optimized for the search engine result page(SERP). And that is why these websites keep fluctuating on the SERP. We’ve take a bold step to address the problem for as many websites and business owners as we can reach. That being said, our vision for you is: